Our Vision

Empowering Speech-Language Pathologists, Audiologists and
Speech-Language and Hearing Scientists to unlock communication
for individuals with communication disorders.

Our Mission

Empowering our members by providing opportunities for professional development, advocacy, and leadership development necessary to foster excellence in the services provided to individuals with communication and related disorders.

Our History

Founded in 1945, the Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OSLHA) is a professional association representing speech-language pathologists and audiologists throughout Ohio. OSLHA is recognized by the national American Speech-Language- Hearing Association (ASHA) as the official professional organization for Ohio.  OSLHA members provide services for the evaluation and rehabilitation of communicative disorders.  Members work in a variety of settings including: clinics, health care facilities, hospitals, private practice, schools, and universities. Members must abide by the OSLHA Code of Ethics.

Our Purpose

a)   to represent the professional interests of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists in Ohio;

b)   to advocate for service recipients by promoting quality prevention and intervention programs and educational opportunities for those with disorders of human communication;

c)   to promote the highest standards of preparation and practice in Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology;

d)   to promote professional growth and unity;

e)   to promote public awareness and influence public opinion concerning the professions of Audiology and Speech-Language Pathology and the needs of the communicatively handicapped;

f)   to foster the adoption and practice of ethical principles in the field of communication disorders;

g)   to encourage basic scientific research of processes of human communication and disseminate the results; and

h)   to encourage the interchange of information, affiliation, and cooperation with other professional and service organizations concerned with human communication and its disorders.

Organizational Structure

Learn more about how OSLHA is structured and the committees we have in place for organizing our association activities and events.

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Executive Council


  1. Act for the Association and make organizational policy decisions within policies prescribed by the By-Laws and Procedures.  Decisions are reported at Legislative Council meetings.
  2. Serve as the Financial Advisory Council for the Association with the Treasurer acting as Chair.
  3. Participate in the development of the annual budget, monitor and review Association contracts.
  4. Select and employ the Association Manager, determine the terms of the staff contracts and oversee the management of the business office.
  5. Implement policies established by Legislative Council.
  6. Oversee member needs and direct the Legislative Council in processes to meet those needs.
Laurie Sheehy, M.Ed.

Laurie Sheehy, M.Ed.


Laurie is a Senior SLP at The University of Toledo Medical Center and Adjunct Graduate Faculty at The University of Toledo. She has been an OSLHA member since 2000.

Carol Hofbauer, M.S.

Carol Hofbauer, M.S.

Vice President/President-Elect

Carol Hofbauer is the Vice President of Rehab Services at Laurel Health Care Company, a chain of nursing and rehab facilities in 5 states. Carol has been a member of OSLHA since 1979.

 Maggie Kettler, Au.D.

Maggie Kettler, Au.D.

Past President

Maggie Kettler, AuD is a Clinical Manager and Audiologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She specializes in diagnostics and treatment of children from birth to 21 years of age.

Christie Needham, M.A.

Christie Needham, M.A.


Christie works at Baldwin Wallace University where she is the Director of Clinical Education. She lives in Bedford, Ohio.

Laura Schrock, M.S.

Laura Schrock, M.S.


Laura is a Lecturer and Clinical Instructor at Bowling Green State University and has been a member of OSLHA since 1986. Laura enjoys kayaking, sailing, reading, and spending time at her family’s lake house.

Legislative Council


  1. Act under the leadership of the Executive Council to implement the policies prescribed by the By-Laws and Procedures as reported by the Executive Council at Legislative Council meetings.
  2. Participate in carrying out the identified procedural duties provided in accordance with the annual budget.
  3. Serve as liaisons to the  membership, communicating needs and participating in procedural and annual goal activities related to meeting those needs.
Emily Berry, M.A

Emily Berry, M.A

VP of Membership Engagement

Emily Berry is a University of Toledo graduate working for Promedica Health System specializing in Dysphagia in the Acute Care setting in a Level 1 Trauma, Comprehensive Stroke certified hospital. Emily is also an adjunct graduate faculty member at The University of Toledo as an Instructor for their Feeding and Swallowing course.
Kelly Johns, M.A.

Kelly Johns, M.A.

VP of Council Leadership

Kelly graduated from the University of Toledo and is a supervisor and SLP at Promedica Toledo Children’s Hospital. She lives in Toledo, Ohio and has been an OSLHA member since 2011.

Colleen Visconti, Ph.D

Colleen Visconti, Ph.D

VP of Continuing Education

Colleen Visconti is the Dean of Health Sciences, Professor and Program Director of the Speech-Language Pathology program at Baldwin Wallace University.  She lives in Bay Village, Ohio and has been a member of OSLHA since 1995.

Ann Biehle, M.A.

Ann Biehle, M.A.

VP of Awards & Recognitions

Ann works for OhioHealth and Mount Carmel Healthcare systems working with adults in the inpatient and outpatient settings. She lives in Dublin, OH and has been a member of OSLHA since 2012.

Linda Wellman, Ph.D.

Linda Wellman, Ph.D.

VP of Legislation & Advocacy

Linda Wellman is the owner of Wellman Literacy & Learning specializing in dyslexia, executive function as related to ADHD, language/literacy demands within the K-12 academic curriculum and advocacy for SLPs’ role in language-based learning disabilities.

Shyla Miller, M.A.

Shyla Miller, M.A.

VP of Resource Development

Shyla Miller is a pediatric Speech-Language Pathologist at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. She specializes in speech sound disorders, resonance disorders, cleft lip/palate, and evaluations for culturally and linguistically diverse families. She has been an OSLHA member since 2006.

Chip Hahn, Au.D.

Chip Hahn, Au.D.

Audiology Practice Representative

Chip Hahn is an Assistant Clinical Professor and Director of Audiology Education at Miami University in Oxford, OH.

Stephanie Rahe, M.S.

Stephanie Rahe, M.S.

Health Care Practice Representative

Stephanie Rahe obtained her Master’s in Speech-Language Pathology from Bowling Green State University and currently works as a Speech-Language Pathologist for ProMedica.

Evelyn Hoglund, Ph.D.

Evelyn Hoglund, Ph.D.

DD Practice Representative

Evelyn Hoglund teaches in the Speech and Hearing Science department at Ohio State University. She has been involved with people with disabilities since junior high school in various capacities. Evelyn has lived in Ohio since 1991.

Christina Horak, M.A.

Christina Horak, M.A.

Private Practice/Non-Profit Practice Representative

Christina Horak obtained her Master’s Degree in Speech-Language Pathology from the University of Akron and enjoys owning and operating The Speaking Company.  She is married with 2 small children and a poodle and enjoys exploring the outdoors and volunteering in her community.

Matt Hott, M.A.

Matt Hott, M.A.

Schools Practice Representative

Matt Hott graduated from the Ohio University. Matt currently works in the high school setting and lives in the Cincinnati area with his wife and 2 children.  

Nadine Whiteman, M.A.

Nadine Whiteman, M.A.

Supervision Practice Representative

Nadine is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Clinical Supervisor with Ohio State University. She has been a member of OSLHA since 1991.

Katie Bochi, M.A.

Katie Bochi, M.A.

University & Student Affairs Practice Representative

Katie Bochi works at ProMedica Toledo Children’s Hospital as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the NICU and pediatric home care. She has been a member of OSLHA since 2013.

Youkyung Bae, Ph.D.

Youkyung Bae, Ph.D.

CLD Practice Representative

Youkyung Bae is an Assistant Professor for the Department of Speech and Hearing Science at The Ohio State University.  Her research interests lie in anatomic, physiologic, and acoustic aspects of speech production, with special emphasis on the velopharyngeal mechanism.  

Christine Worthington, M.A.

Christine Worthington, M.A.

Telehealth Practice Representative

Christine Worthington was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio.  She earned her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Speech-Language Pathology from Cleveland State Univ. and has practiced in various states before returning to Ohio in 1997. Christine works for psi in Twinsburg, Ohio and is a Speech Supervisor and Coordinator of Virtualpsi.  She and her husband, Brad, enjoy traveling, hiking and fishing with their son, Mark and their dog, Tucker.

Past Presidents

2018:           Maggie Kettler

2017:           Michele Kramer

2016:           Donna Edwards

2015:           Davida “Davy” Weaver

2014:           Carolyn “Carney” Sotto

2013:           Sandra Combs

2012:           Michelle Burnett

2011:           Janice Wright

2010:           Colleen Visconti

2009:           Laura Schrock

2008:           Jo-Anne Prendeville

2007:            Katrina Zeit Purcell

2006:            Amy Thorpe Wiley

2005:            Sandra Grether

2004:            Sheryl Back

2003:            Kenneth Ruder

2002:            Dorothea Wise

2001:            Linda Petrosino

2000:            Joy Hyman-Goldberg

1999:            Martha Coen-Cummings

1998:            Diane Games

1997:            Ginger O’Connor

1996:            Dianne Karnes

1995:            Nancy Creaghead

1994:            Bernard Henri

1993:            Margaret Roberts

1992:            Sally Disney

1991:            Patricia Skinner

1990:            Karyn Bobkoff Katz

1989:            Sandra Haack

1988:            Kathy Kelly Ohlrich

1987:            Joann Huprich

1986:            Carole Donnelly

1985:            Jane Warner

1984:            Peggy Fitzmaurice

1983:            Bonnie Gregory

1982:            Carol Kamara

1981:            Carol Leslie

1980:            Richard Nodar

1979:            Dallas Horvath

1978:            Dale DeGirolamo

1977:            Allyn Taylor

1976:            Kathleen Podoba-Lind

1975:            Ann Glaser

1974:            George Fichter

1973:            Jane Cochran

1972:            Joseph Millin

1971:            Jerry Johnson

1970:            Melvin Hyman

1969:            Paul Ptacek

1968:            Robert Valyo

1967:            William Weidner

1964-66:      Robert Stimpert

1963:            George Herman

1962:            Thomas Anderson

1959-61:      Loraine Wilson

1958:            Dorothy Kester

1957:            Loraine Wilson

1954-56:      Claude Kantner

1953:            Mary Quirk

1952:            Ruth Becky Irwin

1951:            Warren Gardner

1950:            Adeline McClelland

1949:            Virginia Sanderson

1948:            A. C. LaFollette

1947:            J. Gerber Drushal

1946:            John Montgomery

1945:            Ruth Becky Irwin


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