OSLHA Volunteer Opportunities

Getting Involved

Thank you for your interest in volunteer experiences within your state professional organization, OSLHA!  Our organization is led almost exclusively by volunteers and we have many areas of opportunity including; voting board member positions elected by our membership, appointed Special Interest Group (SIG) representative positions and short-term committee/event volunteer openings.

We invite you to submit your name as a candidate for an opening below.  All candidates are assessed for strengths using our established assessment tool to ensure your skills and interests are an ideal match for the position you are interested in.  We look forward to helping you identify a meaningful and rewarding outlet for spending your time and utilizing your talents within OSLHA!

Candidate Expectations

  • Elected Board Members & Committee Chairs must maintain an OSLHA Membership in good standing during their candidacy and full term of service,
  • OSLHA Member interest in Elected Positions will be considered for our next regularly scheduled election ballot (conducted annually in the spring),

  • OSLHA Member interest in Appointed SIG and Committee Chair Positions may be considered to fill current vacancies or when positions are filled for regular 2- or 3-year terms following our spring election,

  • Committee Member and Short-Term volunteer openings will be filled by the OSLHA Board of Directors or Committee Chairs as needed.

Application Requirements

Tell Us:

  • Who You Are and Where You Are Employed
  • Your Interests and Hobbies
  • Any Previous Experience Applicable to the Position You are Seeking
  • Previous Volunteerism and Professional Activities
  • Any Relevant Disclosures or Conflicts of Interest
  • Answer 3 Questions About Your Expectations For The Position as Dictated by Our By-Laws


  1. Submit your interest by our Extended Deadline:  April 19th.
  2. Election position submissions will be reviewed by our Elections Committee and an assessment of each submission is conducted.
  3. Election candidates will be notified if their name will appear on the next regularly scheduled ballot.
  4. Selected Election candidates will be asked to attend our annual business meeting to be announced as a candidate and we may collect additional candidate nominations from the floor at that time.
  5. The Election occurs with 30 days of the close of our business meeting.
  6. The Election Ballot remains open for 2 weeks.
  7. Candidate winners are identified, notified and then announced via OSLHA communication outlets and terms will begin July 1 of that year.
  8. Appointed candidates are considered at the June Board of Directors Meeting for July 1st appointment start dates.
  9. Committee members are considered year-round to fill vacancies and ad hoc committees.