C2 – Telepractice Certificate of Advanced Learning Program

To achieve completion of our Certificate of Advanced Learning program, you must complete the 8 required sessions below.

For each Session: View the program presentation & complete the corresponding post-session assessment with a score of 80% or higher.

When You Have Completed the Required Sessions: return to your participant portal and enter your Attendance Code to Mark This Effort Complete!

T1- Guidelines for Effective Telepractice: Information SLPs Need to Know

Presented By: William Bolden, M.A.

T3 – Auditory Processing Assessment in the Age of Covid: Tele-health to the Rescue

Presented By: Susan Eichert, Au.D.

T3 – SNF: Mitigating the Impact of Isolation on Communication and Cognition

Presented By: Tracy Huff, M.S. & Christina Blake, M.Ed.

T4- Pivot! Navigating In-person and Virtual Pediatric Speech Therapy: Lessons from 3 Case Studies

Presented By: Jamie Boster, Ph.D., Kate Brown M.A. & Caitlin Cummings M.A.

Work Smarter Not Harder: High Tech AAC Strategies for Telepractice or Hybrid Formats

Presented By: Susan Abendroth, Ph.D.

Finding and Making Materials for Teletherapy

Presented By: Rebecca Moore, M.S.

T6-Utilizing Telepractice and other Technologies to Support Workload Management

Presented By: Michelle Boisvert, Ph.D.

T7- Telepractice and Tele-ethics: Fundamentals for a Post-Covid19 World

Presented By: Ellen Cohn, Ph.D., ASHA-F