OSLHA University Outstanding Student Awards Nomination Deadline

University Programs Are Encouraged to Submit Outstanding Student Award Nominations before Midnight! Awards names, criteria and submission forms were sent to program and clinic faculty via email.  Contact us by email at oslhaoffice@ohioslha.org if you need additional assistance.

Strengths-Based Strategies for Autistic Students: Enhancing Engagement, Motivation and Effectiveness

Live & recorded Webinar

Presented by Chris Wenger, MS, CCC-SLP (The "Speech Dude"), and Jessie Ginsburg, MS, CCC-SLP. There continues to be a widespread, and very problematic belief that Autistic children need to be “treated” or “fixed” to better fit into the world. This leads to goals that focus on suppressing Autistic traits, leading to low self-esteem and burnout. […]


Lively Letters Full Training with Tips for Teaching Online

Live & recorded Webinar

Register to watch live and/or watch the recording sent to all two days after the live event and available for viewing for one month. Watch your students soar using our evidence-based methods aligned with the science of reading. Simultaneously train phonemic awareness, phonics, speech production, and then, phonetically irregular sight words. Earn 6.5 Cont. Ed. […]


Improving Outcomes for People with Disabilities

Live Webinar

A series of 10 one-hour virtual roundtables held each month for healthcare professionals. Hosted by OCALI and Ohio Association of Health Plans. People with disabilities experience consistent barriers to clinical care, preventative services and good health. Join the Ohio Association of Health Plans, OCALI and an amazing lineup of speakers to build your confidence, skill […]

Cracks to Gaps After COVID: Supporting Reading Development in our Most Vulnerable Students

Live & recorded Webinar

Presented by Tiffany P. Hogan, PhD Highlighted recently in numerous news outlets including the New York Times, the Boston Globe, television and radio appearances, our esteemed presenter, Dr. Tiffany Hogan, has been on the forefront, helping educational communities understand and rectify the negative impact that the pandemic has had on students’ reading skills. She will […]