Welcome OSLHA Presenter!

Speaker & Presentation Resources

We are so pleased to have selected your presentation submission for inclusion in our OSLHA Learning Academy!  Please see the resources below for guidance on planning and preparing your presentation content and developing your presentation handouts and required post-session assessment questions.

Please pay special attention to the virtual/recorded presentation resources we have provided as they are intended to help you present in an online format, if it is new experience for you!

2020 Speaker Deadlines

Midnight Monday, February 1, 2021
Submit Headshot Photo Image

Midnight Monday, February 15, 2021
Upload Recorded Presentation, Assessment Questions W/Answers & Handouts

Submitting Your Headshot

Prepare & Send a Headshot Photo

        • Prepare a current, high resolution, professional headshot photo of yourself
        • A current photo can easily be taken by a colleague or family member
          • It should be taken in the highest available resolution from approx. 4 ft away
          • Show your shoulders up, preferably against a plain/uncluttered wall or backdrop
          • A naturally well-lit area is suitable but avoid backlight behind the photo subject (no windows or sunsets, etc…)
        • And collect one from any co-presenter(s) you have


Preparing Your Presentation & Handouts

Developing Data-Infused Presentation Content

Required Elements
  1. Add Our Learning Academy Logo To Your Presentation
  2. Include Content & Presenter Disclosures On Your Presentation for Maximum Transparency 
  3. Include the OSLHA-assigned Course Attendance Code on your presentation and verbalize the code during your recorded session.
      • Your unique code will be emailed to you in response to successful receipt of your Speaker Detail Form submission.
      • This code is required to be entered by participants for credit and so is a critical element to include in your presentation.
  4. Make Sure You Have Enough Content Prepared To Produce a Recording of The Course Length You Agreed To Provide
      • The final recording must meet or exceed the number of minutes of runtime agreed to in your presentation offer, it can not fall short 
      • Breaks in your lecture for attendee self-reflection or worksheet completion should be recorded to ensure the activity contributes to the total runtime.


Optional Resources/Elements

OSLHA Learning Academy PPT Templates – Free for your use or you are welcome to use your own!

OSLHA Learning Academy Zoom Meeting Background – Free for your use, if desired!

Recording Your Virtual Content

  1. Review our FAQs and Resources
        • Our FAQs will help you prepare and record your presentation
  2. OSLHA Learning Academy Logo
  3. Include Your Assigned Attendance Code
        • Ensure it appears on a slide in your presentation
        • and Was Verbally Announced in your recording
  4. Time Ordered Agenda
        •  Outline the flow of your presentation and how long you will spend on each topic
        • Does your final recording meet or exceed the number of minutes of runtime agreed to in your presentation offer? If not, you must add to it
        • Do breaks in your lecture for attendee self-reflection/worksheet completion appear in the recording to ensure the activity contributes to the total runtime? If not, add those activity times to the recording
  5. Prepare and Upload Your Handout (if any)
        •  Submit as a single file in Word or PPT format
  6. Prepare and Provide Your (8) Post-Session Questions & Answers
        • Questions should be 8 T/F or 8 Multiple Choice Questions with 4 answer options
        • Use the chosen learner outcomes as a basis for the assessment questions
        • Be sure to provide us the correct answer to each
  7. Click the “Submit Handouts” button below to submit your handout and assessment

Final Step: Submit Your Presentation Recording


Record & Share Your Presentation as a Single, PPT w/Audio File or  MP4 File through a file sharing service or in Google Drive, share with: [email protected]