Employer Support of Attendance

The OSLHA Convention is the largest & most comprehensive live education activity for speech and hearing professionals in Ohio.  It is strategically planned to give you access to the latest research, to expand and refine your clinical skills and to network with colleagues—old and new!  Attendees leave with new and greater knowledge that can be directly applied to their work while earning required Continuing Education hours for licensure renewal and credentialing purposes.  Employers may not understand or may undervalue the benefit of your live atendance as an opportunity to collaborate with peers, see new technologies first-hand and to visit with exhibitors who bring fresh new products and inspiration to the worksettings. This is an opportunity to inform them that the result is a more productive you who feels motivated, enthusiastic & equipped!

Share these valuable insights with your employer by customizing the following sample letters and prepare yourself to attend!

Make A Plan & Thoughtfully Focus Your Efforts

Organize your thoughts to make a clear and strong business case to demonstrate why your attendance is not only an investment in your professional development but also an asset to your specific organization! Consider the following as you prepare to draft your letter(s):

  • What are the most important issues or plans facing my organization right now?
  • What role do I play in dealing with these issues or reaching the organization goals and which offerings will equip me to achieve success?
  • What networking and volunteer/committee opportunities can I be part of that support my role and contribution to my organization?
  • What exhibit and corporate attendees can I network with to gain valuable information or make worthwhile connections with on behalf of my organization?
Educate Your Employer & Consider How This Benefits/Affects Them
  • Discuss the knowledge you will gain from attending and how it will benefit your daily work, the organization, your colleagues, and your clients.
  • Offer to prepare and deliver a short presentation and Q&A session to your colleagues to share what you learned, so others in your work setting can benefit from your attendance.
  • Be ready with a plan that shows who will cover for you while you are attending the Convention.
  • If your employer will be assisting with your expenses, provide an outline of cost estimates for registration, travel, hotel & meals. (Offer to share a room to reduce hotel expenses.)
  • Register for the Convention and book your transportation as early as possible to secure the best rates!
  • Prepare your course selections to share with your employer as reference to the number of credit hours you will obtain and the content that will be covered.
  • Make a list of exhibitors you plan to visit whose products and services would be an asset to your work and organization. Share any informational material or samples from exhibitors you receive with your colleagues and employer.
Approach Your Employer