Childhood Food Solutions

2019 OSLHA Convention Collection Partner

2573 Saint Leo Place
Cincinnati, Ohio 45225

Don’t You Feel Good Supporting A Good Cause?

OSLHA is pleased to partner with Cincinnati-based, Childhood Food Solutions, as our 2019 Collection Partner!  We already know that consistent and healthy meals increase the likelihood that students can focus without hunger distractions and, as a result, will have the best chance to maximize learning and reach their full potential!  School systems are successful at helping to meet food needs during school days but Childhood Food Solutions is focused on providing consistent food solutions to students during school breaks. Partner with us by making a food donation from the list of needed items below!  A collection table will be open during registration hours in our Convention Registration Area and all contributors will be entered into a drawing for a:

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March 18-21, 2020 – Hilton Polaris, Worthington, OH

Help Us Collect These Needed Items:

  • Peanut Butter, 16 or 18 ounce
  • Ramen Noodle, small flat packets
  • Pancake Mix, 2 lb.
  • Honey Graham Crackers, 14 oz
  • Fruit & Grain Bar (8 per package)
  • Mac & Cheese, 7.25 ounces

Drop Off Your Donation or Make a Financial Contribution at Our Collection Table During Registration Hours in our Convention Registration Area in the County Foyer in Floor 2!

Do More To Support This Cause…
Would You be Able to Go Without Food for 30 Hours?

Supporters of Childhood Food Solutions have vowed to go 30 hours without eating, beginning at noon on Thursday, May 25. This is when most low-income Cincinnati K-12 students will receive their last free school meal until school resumes on August 16.

Consider participating or instead make a pledge of $30 (a dollar an hour) to support a participant.  $30 will provide a Cincinnati child with sacks of groceries through June and July.

Details on this activity and opportunities to donate can be found at:

The mission of Childhood Food Solutions is to develop solutions for childhood food insecurity that can be
applied in a community, tested for effectiveness and duplicated in other communities.

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