Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Virtual Attendance Questions

Q: When Will I Get My Confirmation of Convention Completion?

 A: We Register Regular, Ethics and Supervision Courses Separately with Professional Registries to Ensure Your Participation is Categorized for Your Licensure Renewal and Credentialing Needs.  Therefore, You Will See Your Attendance Listed by Category/Content Type in Registry Listings AND You Will Receive Separate Certificates for Each Type of Course Category!

These Distinctive Certificates Were Sent to All Participants by Email Separately on May 30th.  If you do not see yours in your inbox, be sure to check your spam/junk folder and mark us as a safe email sender to ensure you successfully receive future emails in your inbox.

If you purchased ASHA and/or AAA Registry Processing Services, they are named on your Attendance Certificate(s).  It may be up to 8 weeks before your registry reflects your attendance and it is possible these facilities are operating under work from home orders and may be experiencing additional delays in data entry. Please contact them to inquire if you have questions about when your participation will be reflected in their systems.

Q: Will OSLHA Convention Programming Be Available Only During The Originally Scheduled Time slots?  

 A:  We are pleased to confirm a high level of support, enthusiasm and flexibility from our outstanding 2020 Convention Presenters as we transition our 2020 Convention programming content to a distance learning format!  As a result, our organization volunteers and presenters will require some added time to prepare content and to test our participation platform.

Employment expectations, workload volumes and employer support for previously approved time-off requests are beginning to fluctuate and may continue to do so over the next several weeks.  Therefore, we are asking presenters to submit their prepared content to us in recorded format by the end of the day March 22.  After that time, we will upload and test the content for functionality which will take several days.  Following successful testing, we will notify all registrants of the availability of the content and provide detailed instructions on completion and attendance/participation verification through email, our website and social media.

Because of this adjusted timeline, content will not be presented during the originally scheduled times and we anticipate we will make this content available for a number of weeks to ensure attendees a fair and reasonable opportunity to fully participate.

Q: Will OSLHA Offer On-Site Registration Options Online? 

A: As per usual and in response to the cancellation of so many live events across the nation, we will reopen registration to those who originally planned to register onsite and to any who find themselves now available to participate in this type of online activity for any reason.  We are pleased to offer these registration options and any desired ticket upgrades at our PreRegistration rates to relieve the financial burden to participants in any way we possibly can.  Check our convention webpage for these options as they are now available!

Q: What Changes Can I Make to My Current Convention Ticket Purchase To Allow Me To Maximize My Participation In This Online Format? 

A: Due to our Tiered Ticket Sale schedule, presentation content will remain available to registrants in exactly the same capacity it is available in a live format!  This means:

  • Access to the content associated with your specific ticket-level purchase will be available
    • Only a single session per time slot will be available and viewable as per usual,
    • Handouts to that single selection will be available if the presenter furnished a handout, as per usual,
    • Attendees will only have the opportunity to enter an attendance code for a single session per time slot, consistent with the manner in which live attendance is entered/confirmed.
    • Course Completion certificates will still be sent to attendees electronically after this activity concludes and it will include confirmation of participation in the sessions for which an attendance code was successfully entered.
  • Course session choices can be adjusted up to the day we make the content available – changes can currently be requested through the “course change form” on our attendee portal.
  • We will allow upgrade purchases to registrants who want to now purchase a broader ticket to attend more content.  We are pleased to honor preregistration pricing to relieve the financial burden to attendees wherever possible.

Q: Are Online Convention Courses Offered for CEUs and If So, How Many?

 A: We are pleased to confirm that our continuing education activities are available for ASHA CEUs and when noted in the course details, are also available for AAA CEUs!

2020 Online Convention courses are offered for the following amounts:

  • PreConventions – .20 ASHA CEUs, (and AAA CEUs where indicated on each course description)
  • AM Sessions- .20 ASHA CEUs  (and AAA CEUs where indicated on each course description),
  • PM Sessions- .15 ASHA CEUs  (and AAA CEUs where indicated on each course description),


Q: When Can I Gain Access To View/Print Course Handouts?

 A: Handouts will be submitted by our speakers 2 weeks prior to the convention start date.  Handouts will then be formatted and made available as quickly as possible and will appear next to your course selections in your agenda when logged into our Convention Attendee Portal at

Q: How Are Attendance Codes Used During The OSLHA Convention Courses/Activities?

 A: As you may have experienced at other independent CE activities, OSLHA validates course attendance and confirms attendee course changes with the use of course attendance codes.  Due to the popularity of our convention, reviewing course sign-in sheets for individual attendance is not an effective method of attendance verification.  Instead, attendance codes given during courses integrates nicely with our online attendance system and allows us to get your certificate of attendance and ASHA/AAA registries updated with onsite course changes very shortly after our event concludes.

OSLHA will follow our typical attendance code process during our online convention activities.  Codes will be given during the presentation (location varies for each presentation) and will need to be entered into your attendee portal under the “Verify Attendance” button by May 8th.

Order-Related Questions

Q: Will I get a refund for the awards dinner or boxed lunch tickets I purchased?

 A: We will not have any new information on possible changes or exceptions to our refund policy until after we are able to hold discussions with venues and partners about rescheduling several live elements of our convention.  This can not occur until we know more about the expiration of statewide mandates.  At this time, we are hopeful about holding our live event elements at a future day/time and hope that existing ticket holders will join us for that event.  We will, however, have more information and an opportunity to discuss our refund policy and the impact it has on those who can not join us, at that time.

Q: How is OSLHA Processing 2020 OSLHA Convention Cancellation Requests?

A:  We are processing all cancellation requests submitted through our informative & easy to use 2020 Convention Cancellation Form now available online.

However, cancellation requests are final and will not be reversed and will be subject to the confines of our current refund policy.

Cancellation of a registration for a 2020 Convention-related purchase will immediately eliminate your access to our event content being converted online and will also affect your paid attendance status to the Awards Celebration and Caucus elements of our convention that may be hosted on future dates.

Therefore, please review All of our FAQs and thoroughly review and understand our refund policy before making your request for a cancellation using our Cancellation Form!

Q: Has OSLHA Changed The Cancellation or Refund Policies In Response to Circumstances Related to Coronavirus (COVID-19)? 

 A:  As expected, there are lots of questions about refunds and our alternative presentation format and we apologize as we are not able to send individual replies to inquiries at this time.

Please carefully review the original, published refund policy you committed to at the time you placed your order and made payment.  Our policy was linked to on your order payment screen and a link can also be found on your order received and order completed email notifications.

Please understand that our refund policy is in place to ensure we meet the non-refundable contractual obligations associated with hosting a live event where venues and service providers are required to be contracted and paid in advance.  These expenses are non-refundable to us (even when cancelling our live event plans) and are still being collected by our event partners at this time.  Therefore, it is not feasible for us to make any changes to to our cancellation or refund policies, at this time.  Should these circumstances change in any way, we will exercise every opportunity to revisit our policies in consideration of any feasible exceptions.

It is our greatest intention to assist our constituents with the means necessary to acquire required CE content, to maximize use of time and resources already dedicated to this effort (because it remains to be seen how these circumstances will impact your employer support and the successful execution of CE activities planned to be hosted in the months ahead) and to uphold the mandates being imposed. 

In light of the above, we are incurring additional expenses to convert our event to an alternative platform for the benefit of our constituents and we thank you tremendously for your understanding and support as we work diligently to serve you as best we can.  We are enthusiastic about the online alternatives we can offer you and we intend to make the best of what is shaping up to be a long and unpredictable situation.  We hope to express adequately our desire to not only meet but exceed our obligations to you as customers, colleagues and friends!


Q: Will OSLHA Cancel The Convention Due to the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A: Final Update (3/11/20): Due to circumstances beyond our control [Required Mandate banning all mass gatherings by Gov. DeWine], it has become necessary for us to consider alternatives to hosting our upcoming convention in the traditionally scheduled, live format. To provide exceptional service to our constituents and registrants, our association leadership has voted to move our 2020 OSLHA Convention activities to an online format.  It is our desire to ensure constituents have access to the continuing education that will be required for OH Board licensure renewal at the end of this calendar year and it is most sensible for us to convert our attendee website portal over to a platform for registrants to participate in their chosen convention course selections remotely through prerecorded sessions.

We remain hopeful and confident this format will allow constituents safe and reliable access to our valuable presenter content and we can preserve a tangible return on the nonrefundable investments made by our attendees, their employers, and our presenters.  We expect to easily acquire ASHA and AAA approval to present through this alternative content platform.  However, please bear with us as we finalize presenter participation and collect presentation content as this will take some additional time.

We will notify registrants when content is available for viewing and provide specifics on how to participate. 

We thank you for your understanding during this time of unpredictability and we wish you the very best as we work diligently to provide you the very best service possible.

**If you have made hotel or travel accommodations, please contact the hotel and/or travel agency to make a cancellation as soon as possible.  This will ensure you the greatest refund potential for those independent purchases!

A: (Updated 3/11/2020): We continue to monitor the Coronavirus threat, now taking into account the Public Announcement and Recommendations made by Governor DeWine early this week.  Please bear with us as we navigate these unexpected circumsatnces and know that any significant changes to our convention format, date or location will be announced here, on our convention webapage, on our attendee portal ( and sent to all scheduled presenters, attendees and exhibit partners by email.

 A:  We are monitoring the Coronavirus threat and given the local nature of our event and the regularity with which most of our attendees are in contact with hundreds of people daily (schools, hospitals and universities), we expect to continue with our plans to hold this event as originally scheduled while taking some additional sanitary precautions.  The CDC and ASAE Association Professionals Organization have both been a wonderful source of support, providing suggestions for planning, preparedness and safety for those electing to execute already scheduled professional or community events.  We will follow their advice and expect to provide an exceptional educational and networking experience for all of our attendees who are able to attend!

In the event we change our plans in any significant way, we will email all registrants with an update and any necessary instructions.

We encourage attendees to take precautions to maintain their own health leading up to our event.  Be attentive to hand-washing and general health habits, avoid spreading germs through sneezing and coughing and avoid exposure when traveling prior to the event.  Most importantly, if you begin to experience symptoms prior to our event, please avoid attending so others are not exposed.  We look forward to seeing you there!

Q: Where Can I Get More Information on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

A: Coronavirus (COVID-19) information is available through a variety of avenues. These reliable sources may answer many of your questions about how it is affecting Ohio residents and employees:

Guidance From Governor DeWine


Ohio Department of Health


Ohio Department of Education


Ohio Speech and Hearing Professionals Board


Q: Can I Obtain OSLHA Membership and then Register Online for Convention at the OSLHA Member Rate?

 A: Yes!  You are welcome to join OSLHA for the first time or renew your membership online and then proceed immediately to register for convention online and take advantage of the discounted convention pricing offered exclusively to OSLHA members!


Q: How Can I Pay for My Convention Registration?

 A: We gladly accept payment for registrations through a variety of payment methods.  Attendees will need to create your own, unique user account on our website to place an order for any product.  Log in to your own account, access and complete your convention order form and proceed to “Submit Your Form & Choose a Payment Type”. 

You will be presented options to submit your form and pay by a variety of universally accepted credit or debit cards or you can select to “pay by check” and print your completed registration form for mailing with a personal or business check or money order.   **Remember to mail any Early Bird check payments postmarked by the Early Bird date!

Q: How Can I Register for Convention and Have My Employer Make the Payment?

 A:We gladly accept payment for registrations a number of different ways.  Attendees are now required to create a user account on our website and logging in to this user account will be required to conduct any purchases, including convention registration.  Therefore, it is suggested for each individual to log into their user account and complete their own registration form submission online. Doing so will ensure your order is placed under the correct user name and will allow ongoing access to past purchase history & receipts and will also ensure display of the attendee convention agenda and post-convention CE attendance codes to the attendee!

An interested attendee can login and complete a convention registration and then proceed to the payment options.  From there you can choose the “Pay by Check” option to submit the registration form and receive an itemized invoice with check mailing instructions.  Employers can use that itemized invoice for payment processing and should remit payment to us by check or by calling us to make payment by credit card. **Remember employers must mail or provide payments reflecting Early Bird rates postmarked by the Early Bird date!

Alternately, your employer may be willing to connect a registrant with their authorized accounts payable employee and credit card details, allowing you to submit the form and payment by credit card online together. 

We welcome payment through either process!

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