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OSLHA provides the year’s best opportunity to develop or refine your presentation skills!  Opportunities exist to share with colleagues on how your professional experiences helped you overcome barriers or develop an expertise in your professional setting.  You can also highlight advancements in technology, product development improvements or therapy strategies you or your work place have perfected over time!


Our online CE activities are attended by hundreds of professionals and students in the fields of Speech, Audiology and Speech & Hearing Science from across the nation.  Our event is hosted and sponsored by leading industry partners and academic institutions. No other industry conference in Ohio provides attendees a better opportunity to meet virtually for continuing education from national experts while also providing outlets for socializing, networking and attending virtual exhibits!


Deepen Your Knowledge of the Industry and What Drives Its Leaders

Refine Your Public Speaking and Presentation Development Skills

Broaden Your Employment Possibilities and/or Enhance Your Resume

Promote Your Brand Recognition and Expand Your Relationships Virtually

Connect with Industry Partners Presenting & Exhibiting

Opportunity Receive Cont Ed Credit For Your Presentation Time

Professional Presentations


Share Your Knowledge & Expertise with Colleagues, New Professionals & Students.

At This Time Opportunities Exist For Submissions from ALL of our Diverse Work Settings on the Following Topics:

  • Presentations Focusing on Innovations and Technological Advancements
  • Content that Integrates Scientific Data Into Effective Clinical Education
  • Successful Practice Adaptations Due to COVID
  • Environments that Maximize Interaction and Interprofessional Collaboration
  • Advocacy Strategies that Proved to be Successful to You, Your Clients or Your Place of Employment
  • Ethics

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