Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Can Anyone Submit a Call for Papers Submission and Do I Need to Fill in the Information and Submit it Electronically?

 A: We invite all professionals in the speech, speech science and audiology fields to submit research or therapy-focused professional content for our consideration.  We also welcome and encourage submissions from presenters in related fields; professional, ethics, business, management, billing/coding, supervision, technology, OT, PT and more… Opportunities also exist for poster submissions from students in the speech, speech science and audiology fields of study!  All submissions must be made using the submission forms available on our website before the specified deadlines.  Any questions should be directed to us via the contact avenues on our website before making your submission.

Q: Can I Obtain OSLHA Membership and then Register Online for Convention at the OSLHA Member Rate?

 A: Yes!  You are welcome to join OSLHA for the first time or renew your membership online and then proceed immediately to register for convention online and take advantage of the discounted convention pricing offered exclusively to OSLHA members!


Q: How Can I Pay for My Convention Registration?

 A: We gladly accept payment for registrations a number of different ways.  Attendees are now required to create a user account on our website and logging in to this user account will be required to conduct any purchases, including convention registration. After completing the online registration form you can proceed to submit your form and pay by credit card or you can select to “pay by check” and print your completed registration form for mailing with a personal or business check or money order.   **Remember to mail any Early Bird check payments postmarked by the Early Bird date!

Q: How Can I Register for Convention and Have My Employer Make the Payment?

 A:We gladly accept payment for registrations a number of different ways.  Attendees are now required to create a user account on our website and logging in to this user account will be required to conduct any purchases, including convention registration.  Therefore, it is suggested for each individual to complete their own registration form submission online.  Doing so will allow you access to your past purchase history and receipts and will also facilitate displaying your convention agenda and guide you to enter your post-convention CE attendance codes! 

An interested attendee can log in and complete a convention registration and proceed to the payment options, choosing the “Pay by Check” option to submit the registration electronically and to print a copy of the registration form for passing along to an employer to provide payment.  Employers can use that printed form for internal attendance and payment processing and should remit payment to us by check or by calling us to make payment by credit card. **Remember employers must mail any Early Bird check payments postmarked by the Early Bird date!

Alternately, your employer may also be willing to connect their authorized accounts payable employee with you at the end of your online registration allowing you to submit the form and payment by credit card online together.  We welcome either process!

Q: Are There Options for a Reduced Cost to Attend the OSLHA Convention?

 A: The OSLHA Legislative Council has taken great care to ensure our convention attendance pricing is consistent with the going rates at other similar conventions across the nation.  We also exercise diligence in the spending of convention income to ensure we provide the highest quality presentations, activities and meals possible despite pricing increases and economic factors beyond our control.  Because of this careful planning, we are currently able to provide single day Saturday registration options to our professional attendees to meet the needs of those unable to take time away from work, whose employers no longer provide Continuing Education funding and those experiencing financial hardships that keep them from full convention attendance and participation.  We expect to continue to offer single day registration options whenever possible.

Q: Can I Cancel My Convention Registration and What is the Refund Policy? 

 A: We are pleased to offer early registration options to give attendees an opportunity to secured desired options early and to prepurchase products at a discounted price.  In doing so, there is some risk associated with the possibility of needing to cancel your attendance.  Our tiered refund policy allows those who preregister at a cost-savings some options for a full or partial refund until the final preregistration date. After that time, your attendance is accounted for and reserved with the convention venue and we are unable to make any refund available for any reason; including illness, injury and weather-related circumstance.


Q: Are Convention Courses Offered for CEUs and If So, How Many?

 A: We are pleased to confirm that our continuing education activities are available for ASHA CEUs and when noted in the course details, are also available for AAA CEUs!

2019 Convention courses are offered for the following amounts:

  • PreConventions – .3 ASHA CEUs, (and AAA CEUs where indicated on each course description)
  • MiniSeminars – .15 ASHA CEUs  (and AAA CEUs where indicated on each course description),
  • Short Courses – .3 ASHA CEUs,
  • Caucus Sessions – .15 ASHA CEUs (and AAA CEUs where indicated),
  • Posters – up to .15 ASHA CEUs available.

Q: What Should I Bring to Convention To Maximize My Experience?

 A: We encourage attendees to plan ahead and some of the following might make that easier:

  • Make overnight accommodations as early as possible
  • Prepurchase guaranteed parking in convention center parking facilities from our convention webpage
  • Make travel plans in consideration of the weather and consider timing with downtown traffic delays in mind.
  • Dress is business casual and we encourage comfortable walking shoes for travel to and from parking and classrooms.
  • Dress in layers and/or bring a sweater or jacket as classroom temperatures fluctuate. Complimentary coat check is available at registration.
  • View and print hard copies or preload your course handouts on your handheld device and refer to them during your courses.  Handouts are available for your selected courses in your Personal Agenda when logged into our Convention Attendee Portal at


Q: When Can I Gain Access To View/Print Course Handouts?

 A: Handouts will be submitted by our speakers 2 weeks prior to the convention start date.  Handouts will then be formatted and made available as quickly as possible and will appear next to your course selections in your agenda when logged into our Convention Attendee Portal at

Q: Why Are We Again Required To Collect Attendance Codes During The OSLHA Convention Courses/Activities?

 A: As you may have experienced at other independent CE activities, ASHA requires approved CE providers, such as OSLHA, to validate attendance of attendees.  Due to the popularity of our convention, reviewing course sign-in sheets for individual attendance is not an effective method of attendance verification.  Therefore, we choose to continue the process of providing attendance codes, which integrates nicely with our existing online attendance system and allows us to get your certificate of attendance and ASHA/AAA registries updated very shortly after our event concludes.  We do hope that the inconvenience of codes will be offset by the efficiency of receiving your proof of attendance more quickly and accurately!

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