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In the spirit of connecting and sharing, OSLHA is offering unique and engaging CONNECTIONS CORNER’s for all Ohio SLPs and Auds. CONNECTIONS CORNER is OSLHA’s newest initiative to link and engage licensed professionals to important topics, trending ideas, and open discussions that will appeal to all who attend.

Please join your colleagues at our monthly, hour-long virtual gatherings to discuss, share, and collaborate on topics of interest in our field. You can network with friends and professionals across the state through our live, interactive, informative meetings!



OSLHA's Connections Corner

Our February Session will open with a short overview of the newly released OSLHA Learning Academy 2 hour ethics course and then we will invite participants to ask questions and/or bring up any ethical dilemmas they are facing in their current work settings.  We invite participants to also discuss any COVID-19 protocols they have encountered that have created ethical dilemmas impacting their patient care.

Next Event Will Occur:

Feb 17th 7-8pm

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We are currently looking for seasoned professionals who are interested in being matched up one to one in a mentorship relationship with a new professional or student. Pass on your knowledge and inspire them to enjoy a productive and fulfilling career!

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