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ASHA ProFind allows individuals to search for providers based on bilingual language service. Bilingual services provided within the state of Ohio include Spanish, American Sign Language, Mandarin-Chinese, Greek, Hebrew, Hindi, Korean, Arabic, Cantonese-Chinese, German, Japanese, Urdu, Yiddish, Gujarati, Bengali, Kannada, Hungarian, Ukrainian, Finnish, Slovenian, and manually coded English.

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Statistics and Data

Bilingual Services Provided in the State of Ohio

Our state licensed speech-language pathologists and audiologists provide services in nearly 20 languages according to the Ohio Board renewal census data collected in 2018.

SLP services are provided in the following languages:

  • 4 Arabic,
  • 1 Cantonese-Chinese,
  • 1 Chinese,
  • 2 French,
  • 2 German,
  • 2 Greek,
  • 3 Gujarati,
  • 7 Hindi,
  • 5 Hebrew,
  • 1 Japanese,
  • 1 Mandarin-Chinese,
  • 2 Korean,
  • 1 Persian,
  • 1 Russian,
  • 11 sign language,
  • 54 Spanish,
  • 1 Urdu,
  • 1 Vietnamese.

Audiology services are provided in the following languages:

  • 3 Arabic,
  • 1 German,
  • 1 Hindi,
  • 1 Marathi,
  • 4 Spanish,
  • 1 Persian,
  • 7 sign language.

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