Maximizing Your CSD Educational Experience

Student Leadership Development Program

This program is for students interested in hand’s-on leadership development opportunities

We are thrilled to Review All of Our Submissions and to Announce Participants!

Submissions for Consideration Were Accepted Until: January 17, 2018!

2018 Program Details and Eligibility


Best in Ohio Video Contest

This opportunity is for students to brag on their university program-tell us why your’s is the best in the State and receive the bragging trophy for 1 year!

Video Submission Extended Deadline: March 1, 2018!

Video Details and Participation Eligibility


Program of Advocacy & Leadership for Students (PALS)

This program was offered in 2017 thanks to a grant provided by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA).  Programming was developed for students interested in legislation and taking action.  This inaugural event hosted 29 participants and we look forward to sharing details on potential future PALS events.
Program Details


Student Poster Presentation and Poster Contest

This opportunity is for students interested in developing research or academic content in poster format to present in front of a live audience.  Submissions are received annually prior to the October 31st deadline.


GAC Legislative Reception

The Governmental Affairs Coalition (GAC), of which OSLHA is a paying member, hosts this annual opportunity to meet your Legislators in person to discuss speech and hearing legislation and concerns in a relaxed, social setting.  Plans are underway for their next event and details will be shared here when they are finalized.


National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA)

Participate in the National Student Speech-Language-Hearing Association (NSSLHA) 


University Programs Directory

Find an Ohio program to enroll in- Coming Soon!

After Graduation

Licensure Resources – Who do I need to connect with post-graduation to begin working?

Choose a Work Setting – Which work setting do you enjoy most?

Job Postings – Locate available job opportunities

Mentorship Program – Let us match you up with a professional mentor

Become a Seasoned Professional – Tools for Excelling in Your Trade





Student Awards & Recognitions

We are honored to recognize a large number of students from across the state with various awards and recognition’s each year.

OSLHA Student Recognition Award

This award recognizes up to two (2) undergraduate or graduate students in the field of Speech-Language Pathology or Audiology who has exhibited the following:

1. Outstanding leadership qualities,
2. Innovative contributions to the field of Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology, NSSLHA or OSLHA,
3. Membership and involvement in NSSLHA or SAA,
4. Membership and involvement in OSLHA.

NOMINATIONS DEADLINE: December 15 Annually


Advocacy Recognition Award

This award recognizes those Speech or Hearing students or professionals who go above and beyond their regular job duties to advocate for a patient, patient population or professional cause. Don’t let their efforts go unrecognized! Approved nominations will be highlighted quarterly in our Communication Matters Newsletter and a single annual winner will be selected from approved nominations to receive formal recognition and an award plaque at our annual convention held in Columbus in March.

Eligible Nominees must be:

  1. An SLP, Audiologist or SLP/Audiology student in Ohio
  2. An OSLHA Member in good standing
  3. In good standing with the Ohio Board of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology
  4. Have demonstrated an incident where they went above and beyond their job to advocate for a patient or professional cause
  5. Able to demonstrate a positive outcome as a result of their advocacy effort(s)
Each nomination for an OSLHA award must be submitted by a “Lead” nominator and have 2 additional letters of support.  Send the Below Information and support letters to the award’s and recognition’s committee via e-mail.
(including a description of the efforts & the measurable outcome/results):
Name of Lead Nominator:
Nominator Contact Information:

We encourage you to submit your nomination and (2) documents of support to:
OSLHA Awards & Recognition’s Committee


Student Scholarship Awards

The OSLHA Scholarship Fund was established in 1992. Since that time, because of the generosity of OSLHA members, students entering Speech-Language and/or Audiology graduate programs in Ohio universities have received awards totaling over $34,000!

The OSLHA Scholarship Fund is maintained as an endowment in a Foundation – meaning that your gifts are never spent, only the interest they generate. This assures OSLHA that we will be able to encourage students as they continue their education in our professions for many, many years to come.

Contributions to the Scholarship Fund may be made to HONOR a family member, friend, colleague or, IN MEMORY of a special person who has passed away. The Scholarship Committee will send a letter to the individual or family when requested. Please use the Scholarship Fund to remember those that have enhanced your life and/or profession.

You may contribute to OSLHA’s Scholarship Fund by completing that section of the OSLHA Membership form and adding the contribution to your dues payment or send your donation at any time to the OSLHA Business Office at PO Box 309, Germantown, OH 45327.


Outstanding Graduate & Undergraduate Student Awards

Every year OSLHA honors up to 3 outstanding students from each university that offers Speech-Language Pathology and/or Audiology programs. OSLHA considers an “outstanding student” someone who not only excels academically, but who also has outstanding interpersonal skills, shows evidence of leadership, and is dedicated to the ideals of the profession. The students are selected by their university and are named at our annual OSLHA convention.

The selected graduate and undergraduate students will be awarded a free registration to the OSLHA Convention, as well as a one-year free Honorary Membership for the following fiscal year.