Presenting Author Agreement

All presenters who will be presenting in the OSLHA Learning Academy must agree to the terms of this Presenting Author Agreement:

Presenters who do not agree to the terms of the agreement outlined below will not be allowed to present so please ensure that all presenting authors for your session understand and agree to uphold these terms and expectations.

If you are the lead presenter, you will be asked to sign an acknowledgment of and commitment to fulfill these terms on your Speaker Course Details submission form.

As a presenter of an educational session hosted by OSLHA, I agree:

  • To present in the time frame and format requested of me by the OSLHA CE Program Committee;
  • To present a slide at the beginning of my presentation that discloses the financial and non-financial relationships of each author of my session. Sample disclosures are provided on the OSLHA speaker webpage.
  • To display a slide during my presentation and to make a verbal announcement of the session attendance code for my session, as provided to me by OSLHA.
  • To refrain from making recordings, in any media, of the presentation for commercial purposes without prior consent from OSLHA.  Further, I understand all third parties are prohibited from making recordings, in any media, of the presentation for commercial purposes without prior consent from OSLHA;
  • To make a statement at the beginning of my session informing the audience whether it is permissible to capture images and/or short recordings of the session strictly for the participant’s personal educational purposes;
  • When discussing a specific product or service, to offer information on its theoretical framework, relevant evidence, and operational details; to disclose in advance if your presentation will not address the range of competing products or services; and to refrain from overt selling during your session.  Instead refer interested parties to your OSLHA Exhibitor booth space, website or other retail avenue to make purchases post-session.
  • To refrain from references, statements, or pointed humor that disparages, denigrates or depreciates the rightful dignity and social entity of any person or group;
  • That no part of the Presentation or Materials (e.g. PPT, handouts) infringes upon any copyright or other intellectual property right of any third party;
  • If any part of my Presentation or Materials involve the performance or reproduction of any pre-existing work, that I am the owner of the copyright, or have obtained permission for use and can furnish it upon request.
  • That the Presentation and Materials contain nothing libelous, injurious or untrue;
  • To grant to OSLHA a perpetual, irrevocable, non-exclusive royalty free license to use and host the presentation and supporting material content in the Learning Academy as agreed upon in writing.
  • That I have full power and authority, free of any rights of any nature whatsoever by any person, to enter into this Agreement and to grant the license to OSLHA in this Agreement;
  • That I shall indemnify and hold harmless OSLHA and its agents, board members, employees, affiliates, successors, assignees and licensees from and against any claim, damage, liability, expense or loss, including reasonable attorneys’ fees and costs associated therewith, or with the enforcement of this indemnity, arising from any claim asserted against ASHA by any person or entity, arising from my actual or alleged breach of any of their representations and warranties in this Agreement or arising from the Presentation or Materials.

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