Recording CE Content FAQs

Q: What Methods Can I Use For My Presentation Recording?

A: We strongly encourage you to prepare & submit your final presentation recording to us as an MP4 file. This file type is easily shared and uploaded and is the ideal format for viewability on nearly all brands of computers and handheld devices.  As an alternative, you are permitted to submit your presentation as a ppt slideshow w/audio recording as long as any embedded videos have been converted to MP4 prior to being embedded into the slide.


If you desire to present a slideshow and record it through other means (such as your own or account) you are welcome to.  These are well-known and popular formats already being used in many settings and both allow you to present onscreen and record audio to produce an MP4 video file as a result. 

An MP4 file is the most common video & audio file type and can be easily accessed by viewers via nearly all types of phone, device or PC/Mac.  Be aware that MP4 files typically end up very large in size and may take hours to upload/send to us so please consider this when the final presentation submission deadline draws nearer. 


Q: What Else Should I Consider When Conducting My Presentation Recording?

A: Consider Your Setting & Background: We highly recommend you choose a quiet location with lots of natural or supplemental, artificial lighting directed towards you from the side or front of your recording device. Avoid sitting in front of windows or doors where the light can wash out a clear image of you and your face.

Arrange the camera /computer slightly elevated (add a stack of books, if needed) to capture an image of you straight on, from the shoulders up and with your headshot filling more than half of the screen.  This will ensure they see your lips and full face and can follow along in close similarity to a face to face interaction. 

Choose a solid and uncluttered wall as your background or consider using our free zoom background template to avoid distracting background contents that might draw attention away from your presentation and important message.


Presentation View: If recording on zoom or gotomeeting presentation, be sure to open the slideshow presentation on your shared screen and run it in the “Presentation/Slideshow” mode so it fills the whole screen with your slide for the viewer and eliminates your toolbars, speaker notes and desktop. This will also place your face in a presenter window in the top corner of the presentation, allowing unobstructed view of your presentation/slide contents.


Prepare for the Best Sound Quality:  Choose a quiet location and turn off fans, phones and alarms to avoid unexpected sound effects during your presentation.  We also request that you use a microphone or headset for your audio recording to ensure background noise is limited and sound quality is the best possible for our participants who experience speech or hearing challenges.


Smile, Speak Clearly & Have Fun: Participants are still curious about new opportunities to connect in virtual environments and they are excited to see your smiling face and hear the valuable information you have to share with them!


Q: Do I Need To Relay the Attendance Code in My Presentation?

A: Yes, please be sure to include the attendance code, exactly as assigned to you via email, printed on one of your presentation slides and please take time to verbalize this code, as well.  These codes will be assigned shortly and will be sent to you in response of your successful submission of your preliminary course title and details.

It would be ideal for you to include this at the end or at a middle point of your presentation to ensure participants do their honorable best to view the complete contents of the presentation before claiming credit for their participation in this activity.  This code will be requested from participants at the completion of your session and must be entered correctly in order for their participation to appear on their activity certificate of completion. If you are unsure what your assigned code was, please let us know as soon as possible (Contact Us).


Q: How Do I Share My Presentation Handouts?

A: Please submit a single document for your handout.  You can save your slideshow slides in note-taking format (3 per page) as a PDF file or send along the full ppt for us to convert it into note-taking pages for you.  Alternately, you are welcome to provide your handout as a word document if you prefer to present a handout in outline format.  If you have multiple resources, references or files to share, please save them as a single PDF handout before submitting to us.  This ensures participants can access and print the full portfolio of pages in a single effort.



Q: How Do I Develop & Share My (8) Post-Session Assessment Questions & Answers?

A: Please be sure to prepare (8) T/F or Multiple Choice (w/4 answer choices) questions to cover the the content you will present on.  This post-session assessment will be completed by participants to obtain a passing grade as confirmation they have achieved the session learner outcomes you developed.  Give consideration to the most important elements and concepts in your presentation when developing your assessment questions.  Be sure to include the correct answer for us, as well!



Q: How Will I Upload/Share My Final Presentation With OSLHA?

A: We encourage you to share your final MP4 file with OSLHA through your preferred file sharing service (such as; Dropbox,,,, through Google Drive or by sending a Google Drive link to:

Each purchased course will be individually listed on our attendee portal for paying participants.  Nearby will be a button and that button will link to launch your presentation video when clicked. (view a sample)


Q: When Is My Recorded Presentation Due?

A: Please submit presentation files to us by Midnight on the deadline date requested of you.

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