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Speaker & Presentation Resources
for Live Webinar Presentation Formats

We are so pleased to have your participation as a presenter in our OSLHA Learning Academy!  Please see the resources below for guidance on planning and preparing your presentation content and developing your presentation handouts and post-session assessment questions.

Please pay special attention to the presentation preparation resources we have provided below as they are established by industry experts and are intended to help you present most effectively in a live/recorded webinar format!

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Researching & Selecting Your Educational Content

Required Elements
  1. Ensure You Are Presenting Data-Infused Content
  2. Confirm Your Content Meets The 3 Learner Outcomes You Selected
        • Consider the learning level requested of you and ensure content is aligned with this level
        • Ensure your learner outcomes enhance the knowledge or performance of the learner
        • State learning outcomes in clear, concise, measurable and observable terms during your presentation introduction
          • Use action words such as; perform, identify, name, list or explain, etc…
          • Avoid vague and unmeasurable words, like; understand, know, become aware of, become familiar with, etc…these are difficult to measure.
          • More on Achieving Learner Outcomes
  3. Consider Your Motivation and Make Content Disclosures for Maximum Transparency 
        • Consider your motivation: Were you paid to research or develop this material or do you have any potential financial gain regarding the content being shared?  If so, disclose it!
        • Do your unpaid affiliations or volunteer activities limit the content you will be presenting in any way? If so, disclose it!
        • Are you presenting data / content that represents a variety of vantage points / methods / tools and or are you presenting only specific solutions, methods or products / brands / tools? If so, disclose it!
        • When In Doubt, it is better to disclose any perceived or potential conflicts of interest up front than to be sorry not to have later!

Preparing Your Presentation or Slideshow

Required Elements
  1. Include Our Learning Academy Logo On Your Presentation/Slideshow
  2. Include Content & Presenter Disclosures On Your Slideshow for Maximum Transparency 
  3. Did you Spell Ohio Speech-Language-Hearing Association (OSLHA) correctly and with the appropriate hyphenation throughout your presentation and slides?
  4. Make Sure You Have Enough Content Prepared To Present a Course That is a Minimum of 2 Hours in Length When Recorded
        • Breaks in your lecture for attendee self-reflection or worksheet completion are not counted as presentation time so instead we highly recommend you present content during the Webinar and offer reflection elements as a supplemental learning tool to be completed by attendees later and not as a part of your CE presentation time.
  5. Confirm if OSLHA Secured a Sponsor of your Course/Session
        • OSLHA will provide you the name and logo for any corporate sponsor who desires to show support for your course.
        • If you are aware of any prospective/preferred sponsor, please feel free to let us know and we will attempt to reserve this session for their sponsorship.


Optional Resources/Elements

OSLHA Learning Academy PPT Templates – Free for your use or you are welcome to use your own!

Final Materials Submission - Due 2 Weeks Before Your Presentation Date!

  1. Run Through Your Presentation in Real Time
        • Did you include your Assigned Attendance Code verbally during the presentation?  If not, please add it now!
        • Does your run through of the content meet or exceed 120 minutes of runtime or slightly more? If not, please add to it now!!
  2. Finalize Your Time Ordered Agenda
        • Review your original time order agenda and note any adjustments to your final presentation product,
        • Does your time ordered agenda account for all 120 minutes of content requested of you? If not, please add to it now!!
  3. Prepare and Upload Your Final Handout (if any)
        •  Submit as a single file in Word or as a PDF converted from PPT into a single, 3-slide with note-taking lines handout
  4. Prepare and Provide (8) Post-Session Questions & Answers
        • Questions should be 8 T/F or 8 Multiple Choice Questions with 4 answer options and reflect learning associated with you presentation
        • Use your provided learner outcomes as a basis for the assessment questions
        • Be sure to provide us the correct answer to each question
  5. Provide a professional headshot photo of all presenters for use on promotions for this course/session.
  6. Click the “Submit Agenda/Handout/Q&As” button below to submit these materials

Presenting Live Using Your Slideshow/Presentation

  1. Review our FAQs and Resources for Webinar Success
        • Our FAQs will help you prepare your presentation for a live to recorded activity
  2. Consider Your Presentation Setting
        • Choose a well-lit and quite setting free from pets and unwanted background noises
        • Consider using a professional background image or use the free OSLHA Learning Academy Zoom Meeting Background
        • Consider the time of day and any harsh lighting or sun glare that might occur during the recording time
        • Turn off ceiling and oscillating fans as they produce unwanted background noise
        • Use a noise-filtering mic or headset for most consistent sound quality and to assist viewers with hearing impairments
        • Do a test-run to check for unwanted noises or background distractions
  3. Did You Include Your Assigned Attendance Code?
        • Ensure it appears printed on a slide in your presentation
        • And will be Verbally Announced by You in Your Recording
  4. Did OSLHA Provide you the Name of a Sponsor of Your Course?
        • If So, ensure their name and logo appears printed on the sponsor slide in your presentation
        • And please also Verbally Announce their support of this session in your recording.

Recording Attire

Business / Business Casual
Dress is Advised

Equipment Reminders

Remember to Charge/Plug In Your Computer Before Recording to Avoid A Power Disruption During Recording

Audio Recommendations

We Recommend Using a Noise-Filtering, Headset Mic for Best Sound Quality During Live Session & Recording



CE Credit For Presenting

Do You Desire ASHA CE Credit for your presentation?

If you have not previously received CE credit for presenting this presentation content/materials, you are eligible to receive ASHA CE credit for your development and recording of this presentation.

Complete this form to request CE credit for presenting this activity.

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